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Y 3 Sensational Seeds

On Wednesday, Year 3 had a very interesting visit from Megan, from Harcourt Arboretum in Oxford. The children were able explore the world of ‘Sensational Seeds!’ We found out that seeds can be dispersed by wind, water and animals and that some seeds can move and plant themselves! We saw the largest seed in the world from the Cocoa de Mer tree which only grows in the Seychelles Island of Praslin. The children noticed that the seed looked like a bottom and Megan told them that in the past, sailors who saw them floating in the sea thought they were mermaid’s bottoms!! Interestingly though, we found out that the largest seeds do not necessarily grow into the largest trees and we saw some tiny seeds, only millimetres across, that grow into Giant Redwood Trees up to 100 metres tall!